IEEE ComSoc Virtual Distinguished Lecture

10 June 2020 @ 18:00 – 19:30
A Zoom meeting information invite will be sent to registrants.

IEEE ComSoc Virtual Distinguished Lecture, organized by IEEE Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria ComSoc Chapters

Title: Disruptive Technologies Enable Personalization of Services
Speaker:  Fawzi Behmann, President TelNet Management Consulting Inc., IEEE Communications Society Director for NA Board

Date and time:  Wednesday, June 10, 2020, from 6 pm to 7:30 pm

Location: A Zoom meeting information invite will be sent to registrants.

Abstract: We are witnessing unprecedented growth in IoT, 5G and recently in AI. Collaboratively, these disruptive technologies will enable building smart capabilities in key markets health, mobility and public safety. As a result, a new class of services will be rolled out focusing on “personalization” in 2020 and beyond. Some potential scenarios will be presented and their impact on life and business.

The session is designed to inspire the audience, to creatively think, innovate and collaborate in defining what would be an early adoption use uses of personalized services that would be a differentiator for smart cities.

Three Takeaways

·      Understand the key drivers and rapid growth and trends of IoT, 5G and AI as disruptive technologies.

·      Power of collaborative technologies in enabling personalized services for smart cities.

·      Examples of use cases leveraging disruptive technologies in key markets health, mobility and public safety for 2020 and beyond.

Biography:  Fawzi is a visionary, thought leader, author and contributor in advancing adoption of technology in serving humanity.  He has over 35 years professional and leadership experience in the communications and networking areas in product development, marketing and services at Freescale, Nortel Networks and Teleglobe. He was chief architect in building national telecom network management and participated in the development of ITU TMN M.3000. In 2009, Fawzi founded TelNet Management Consulting Inc. offering consulting services in the areas of disruptive technology positioning (5G, IoT, AI) and implementation of smart solutions development.

Fawzi is a senior member of IEEE, Distinguished Lecturer and IEEE ComSoc Regional Director for North America Board (2020-2021) and chairing of  several society chapters (ComSoc, Signal Processing, Computer, EMB, Cons Elec.). Fawzi is the chair for WCNC 2022 and has organized several events such as smart city summit (2019), Blockchain for Healthcare (2018) and Greentech of Smart Cities (2018) and Advanced technologies in Healthcare (2017). Fawzi has been keynote speakers at international conferences and has several publications and co-authored book on “Collaborative Internet of Things for Future Smart Connected Life and Business” published by Wiley.

Fawzi holds a Bachelor of Science with honors and distinction; Masters in Computer Science and Executive MBA.